Mixed media

100 x 160 x 1 cm

39.37 x 62.99 x 0.39 inch

Ships from Belgium

€ 1.990



‚ÄčThe artist Nitra was born in Rwanda, November 27, 1985.
As a 9 years old boy he moved to Belgium. Since then, Nitra has been grown up in two cultures.
It is clearly visible how he is able to unite the best of those two worlds in his works of art. His great love for his native country is clearly evident in the way in which he manages to portray the beautiful animals from Africa: powerful, sparkling and penetrating, but also his abstract works with something of the modesty of the Western world.
• 2016 he exhibited in his native Rwanda Kigali.
• 2018 Feria del Caballo Español and he was allowed to exhibit in the Belfort in Bruges.
• In 2018 he made his breakthrough as an artist after an exhibition in Monaco, Fairmont.
After his difficult childhood, his dream became reality.
From Street Artist to Gallery Artist!
• 2019 an expo tour from Lyon, Luxembourg to the HIM Hotel Montreux.
• A surprising collaboration with Swiss Education in Switzerland.
• Finally, he was allowed to hang his Freddie Mercury painting in the world famous Freddie Mercury building in Montreux Switzerland. This one can still be viewed!
• 2020 his works of art will be exhibited in the '12 Senses Art Gallery' on the Lippenslaan in Knokke.
He has already sold works to big names all over the world. From Germany, Columbia, United States to Australia.
Nitra also has a partnership with the champagne brand Philippe Rouyer from Fleury LA Rivière, France.
His paintings are also sold too the Belgian cyclist Tom Boonen.
With his restless soul, imagination and energy, he has a constant need for challenges. In addition to his artistry, he indulges himself as a designer. He manages to design his own clothing line with the name: 'Nitra Art Design'
His works, acrylic on canvas, exude an unparalleled enthusiasm and optimism, through which he succeeds in making the viewer share in what drives him.
As a father, artist, designer, entrepreneur, manager and influencer, he tries to show the world… that anything is possible!
“Dreams can come true… only if you believe in them!

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