Horse duo,2018


55 x 73 x 18 cm

21.65 x 28.74 x 7.09 inch

Ships from Belgium

€ 7.200


Dirk Santens (Belgium,1966). One of the most impressive equestrian sculptures of our time, Dirk Santens Horses were conceived between 2019 and 2021 and cast in a small edition of only twelve pieces, making the introduction of this work to the market extremely rare. 

His horse sculptures are primarily naturalistic in form. However, Santens covers the surface of the bronze with incisions, striations and a beautiful green patine, highlighting the materiality of his medium, and animating the surface of the sculpture when viewed in changing outdoor light, as the artist intends.

Throughout human history, horses have been recorded in art and celebrated by different cultures as a symbol of strength, majesty and victory. Indeed, with its robust figure and proud, lively gait, his horses seem to hark back to the Graeco-Romano equestrian monuments that Santens is highly interested in. For Santens however, his affection for this equine subject was as much personal interest, as it was purely art historical. Monumental in size, yet elegant in form, his sculptures provide an excellent example of the unique and timeless work that establishes Dirk Santens as one of the most significant Belgium sculptors of the 21st Century.

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