These boots are made for riding,2021


72 x 72 cm

28.35 x 28.35 inch

Ships from Belgium

€ 4.240


Francois Van Den Bogaert 

The world blossoms when he applies for the arts (today Luca school of Art). After graduation, his creative advertising career starts in London. Back in Brussels, as art director, creative director and strategist of renowned agencies. He’s member of advertising and marketing juries in Berlin, Cannes, Copenhagen, London and Brussels.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs (brewers), he opens his agency in b-to-b and later in corporate communication. Branding has no secrets.

All these years, he walks in and out museums around the world, maintains and refines his passion for painting.

Life has a number of hurdles for him too. On a golden advice he goes wandering for his true “source”, takes his time, but first crosses some deserts by foot. In 2015 and in 2016, ‘the other side’ knocks at his door. Twice he chooses to stay ‘here and now’. Both experiences accelerate the journey to his source. A second golden advice brings him to the scene.

Paper, water, some brushes and colour pigments. No more is needed to color the soul of loved ones, friends, neighbours, unknowns, soft-boiled eggs, the grass of the meadow, a shadow, a jar, a skin, a view. Now, still with watercolour. In the near future with oil & acryl, again.

His paintings resemble nothing that can be expected from watercolour. Paintings between matter & soul, object & subject, life & live.

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